H4R Categories

The substances being managed within the H4R Consortium, although complex UVCBs, often have similar overall structures and similar properties. Consequently, in order to share data between them, minimising testing and animal usage, and to meet the information requirements of REACH, category approaches have been developed to group substances that have similar properties together.

For more information on what a category is and how it can be applied within REACH, see the ECHA publication "How to use alternatives to animal testing to fulfil your information requirements for REACH registration"

For each H4R category, a Category Justification Document has been prepared. Before a potential registrant uses the H4R documentation support a registration on a specific substance they should satisfy themselves that their substance meets the applicability domain of the category. This is necessary to ensure that the read across justification within the dossers remains valid for the specific substance. These applicability domains can be found within the Category Justification Documents.

1 - Rosin, hydrogenated rosin and their salts

2 - Rosin esters

3 - Rosin adducts and rosin adducts salts

4 - Rosin adduct esters

8 - Tall oil

  • Block Report Document is available - please contact the Consortium Manager

9 - Miscellaneous

  • No Category Justification Document

Hydrocarbon Resins

  • No Category Justification Document